About GenAI Forum

The GenAI Forum is a leading organization that focuses on the application of Generative AI in the business world. The GenAI Forum brings together technology experts and business leaders from various industries, including IT & Internet, Finance, Healthcare, AD and Media, Games & Entertainment, Marketing & Sales, and more, to advance the development and adoption of Generative AI. The GenAI Forum aims to help businesses leverage the power of generative AI to transform their operations and drive innovation. The GenAI Forum also facilitate partnerships between businesses and Generative AI solution providers. Through its research, advocacy, events and training programs, the GenAI Forum is helping to shape the future of Generative AI in a way that is ethical, responsible, and inclusive.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to help businesses achieve growth and innovation by recommending advanced Generative AI technology and solutions. We aim to become the most innovative and practical Generative AI alliance in the industry, offering reliable consultation and support to businesses to better harness Generative AI technology to meet challenges and opportunities. Our vision is to create a more productive and sustainable future for businesses by providing advanced Generative AI technology and solutions. We believe that Generative AI technology will be an essential tool for businesses to achieve digital transformation, improve efficiency, and innovation, and we are committed to helping businesses fully realize the potential of this technology.



Our values are based on collaboration, innovation, quality, and responsibility. We believe that through close collaboration with clients and partners, we can achieve greater success. We prioritize innovation and quality, strive for excellence, and maintain a sense of responsibility, making every effort to contribute to our clients and society.

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